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Hero Signal Gaming - GameDevBlog #1

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Tales Of Lena Goyuki

The time has finally come. I have finally developed all the skills necessary for video game development. After a few years of study and learning, I started my very own game development project. It is a 2D platformer involving tactical play and strategic movement navigating your way across levels of puzzles, mobs and obstacles.

The game stems from my Electro House/Video Game style albums I composed 2-3 years back brought to life in combination with fictional characters (Maxe Goyuki, Lena Goyuki and Raye Goyuki) I made up in my early teen years. The player will be in control of Dazz The Raccoon and his best friend Kev Da B who are the main protagonists on the adventure. I started this project over a year ago and plan to release it 2022.

The game is currently being developed in Unreal Engine 4. Although Unity is debated to be superior in terms of 2D game development, I have chosen UE4 simply because of my experience in C++. UE4 has it's perks that I will be doing my best to exploit in my game.

Short gameplay clip.

I have decided that as a developer It is a great idea to start blogging to document my adventures and build a community to receive feedback from. Right now, I'm currently finalizing the core gameplay system that I want to use. I need something fun, engaging and unique, After all, that's what makes a game a masterpiece.

-Hero Signal 10/1/21

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