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Hero Signal Gaming - GameDevBlog #6

FoxMart, A Place To Shop Smart

After a long period of planning out structure and ideas for my currency system I have formalized a completed layout of the function and items in FoxMart. All Classes have been balanced and improved upon to ensure that each one plays/feels unique and viable. Class balance along with this FoxMart system actually took a few weeks to complete.

Two new enemies (Mobs) have been added to the game and these new items will be very useful when dealing with these Mobs. I'm really focused on perfecting the player mechanics and interactions with the mobs on every stage. Added a new "Mana" energy type, new Class Abilities and two Class types. A timer has also been implemented tot he game. I have expanded my sound programming skills as well learning how to stop and play new music mid-game.

Start Menu has updated information added and a new Dex page with Mob information has been created and can be accessed from the Start Menu. Once everything is polished a tutorial mode will be created that will explain gameplay, user interface and game mechanics ;I will then prepare to release Beta v3.0.

-Hero Signal 6/11/2022

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