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Hero Signal Gaming - GameDevBlog #5

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Implementing Lighting On 2D Sprites

Right now I am making the final touches on how platform levels will play. I am also reworking FoxMart to have a more simple function in game. The next step is to design and program the space shooting mode I have thought about adding. Dazz is a Space Bandit; so, it only makes sense to incorporate this in the story.

One aspect of Unreal Engine (UE) I never took advantage of is lighting. This required me to utilize lit mode with light on 2D sprites. After taking some time to learn how this works, I'm currently experimenting with creative ways using light in level design to make beautiful scenery.

Designing the movement mechanics and gameplay rules will take some thought as I really want it to be fun and rewarding. This will be done still using the 2D platformer blueprint to simulate a 2D Space Shooter. Will be learning more about the character movement component in UE4.

While on Twitter, I have seen some great 2D Developers who have awesome games in works or who have just released their games. Will definitely continue to support other Indie Devs and search for more inspiration. Still working on my YouTube channel ideas but I think I will just start soon even though I'm not to sure what my niche will specifically be.

-Hero Signal 11/4/2021

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