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Hero Signal Gaming - GameDevBlog #4

New Class System, Weapons and Enemies

TOLG Beta v2.5 has been completed. This version focuses on gameplay and systems testing to give a general feel of the current progress. Players now have the option of choosing a Class to play that suits their style and approach that they would like to use to navigate the current level. FoxMart and a Currency System was also added. I really feel that choosing to focus on what I want the game's niche to be has helped sparked my creativity in level gameplay and mechanics.

The next few goals I have at the moment are: further improving background scenery, polishing up the Weapon. I plan to continue my studies of Unreal Engine (UE) as it's been a while since I've learned new functions or tried new variables. I'm at a point now where I feel like I've maxed out my potential with the vast majority of programming I've learned in UE4. When this game is completed, I plan to start my next game in UE5. Hopefully, by the time I publish my game UE5 will be complete and production ready.

To further network, I've been more active on my Twitter and Instagram accounts. Sharing my work there and sometimes Monster Hunter Rise Shenanigans. I'm thinking about starting a YouTube Channel but I'm still debating what my niche will be. I feel like YouTube would be a great way to put myself out there and it assist in building an audience.

Lastly, AviFly now shoot a short range attack at player while they remain standing too close (not in current Beta v2.5).

-Hero Signal 10/27/2021

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