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Hero Signal Gaming - GameDevBlog #3

Polishing Up TOLG Beta v2.5 To Be Released

After a long period of organizing my ideas for new gameplay, systems and mechanics, a final version of TOLG will be available for play testing. I figured it would make better sense to have all possible elements confirmed so that I am aware of exactly what I want to do when I open Unreal Engine. Sometimes it's nice to improvise or "doodle ideas" but having a firm and set structure of what you want to accomplish is far more practical.

My vision for TOLG is a game with a retro style and modern feel with a new approach to 2D Platforming, I've decided not to make the game too complex and to focus on the main aspects. What makes this game unique? What makes this game fun? How will this game impact the player in a few years? Games with an amazing story and characters stick with players for a lifetime (Ex. Suikoden II). The goal here is to condense gameplay, characters and story into a simple yet meaningful way.

Initially, I wanted to add an RPG system but decided to save that for my second project. Since it's my first game I wanted to make it smaller with good quality. However, I may add a Space Shooter mode but that's still pending. Will try that out in the next beta stage.

The main new feature of this update is the new weapons and item systems. I've constructed my own blueprint for weapons which I will refine over time. For now, this works fine based on the gameplay so far. I 've come up with new ways of punishing player mistakes; so, hopefully this will be the final tune up of how levels will function.

-Hero Signal 10/19/21

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