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Hero Signal Gaming - GameDevBlog #2

Developing A Style, A Voice and A Legacy.

I have always been a fan of pixel art. It is a simple, creative and sophisticated style of art that will hopefully stick around for years to come. Majority of my favorite games have been developed with 2D artwork but I highly doubt that's the bias reason behind my love for the style. It really appeals to my personality; but it could be something far more philosophical or psychological. I suppose it really could be due to the beautiful experiences of story, emotions and gameplay on the many virtual adventures I have been on. This basically contradicts what I said earlier so I can say that maybe I am wrong after all and it is all biased.

I still stand by what I said. As we can see, not everyone loves pixel art; so this can be said to be an obvious indicator that it's all personal preference. If an individual's soul is set on fire by a particular force, and everyone has different passions, skills, and ideas then this supports my claims. Pixel art can be a particular force, passion, skill or idea.

The big question, why is any of this important? In life, only a few people rise above the rest in their respective field of interest. For example, my favorite Jazz musician is the late John Coltrane. Coltrane only needed to play a single note for his listeners to know it was him on the horn. Coltrane had a style and sound that was interesting, unorthodox and unique. This is because Coltrane spent hours perfecting his own "musical voice". My favorite current Jazz musician is Champian Fulton. Fulton is extremely elegant on the piano and her singing is like that of a Goddess. She spent her life playing with great mentors and worked hard to become a world-class musician.

The styles of Coltrane and Fulton are different but they both worked hard on the styles they are passionate about. Taking the simple and combining it with other things they love. Both of these musicians focused on what they had and made what they had not just good but great.

I have been working on my pixel art and will continue to focus on mastering my unique style. After all, anyone can do art but no one else can do your art. That is why I will continue to work hard to master my style; so I will be able to express myself to the very limit.

-Hero Signal 10/2/2021

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