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Social Research

Collection of Research Papers, Data and Analysis on Bullying.

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Bullying: The Effects of Social Injustice


Persons who are members of particular social groups will at some point be exposed to forms of bullying. Society has evolved into an age where race, gender and class are cloaked into an illusion of equality. This means that there are issues that still exist today (such as racism) that appear to be illusionary.


Bullying can be viewed as a social injustice because of the nature of the interaction between a bully and the victim. As a result, an individual may lose freedom of self and ponder their perceived social reality. Social Injustice will be defined as “being unable to freely express what one is expected to be entitled to from a social standpoint.” Peering at this through the lens of conflict theory, we will seek to identify areas of conflict with both parties involved; as well as determining whether these are negative or positive conflicts.

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