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Dazz The Racoon Sprite - Idle 1_edited.p

Tales of Lena Goyuki

An upcoming 2D RPG Platformer that rewards swift strategy and skillful movement control. Although the game plays nothing like it's inspirations (Sonic The Hedgehog, Mega Man, Suikoden II etc.) the goal of the main levels is to learn how to navigate the stage against enemies using a selected character class and items of your choice.


TOLG Beta v2.7

Beta v2.7 is available to download. This version is just a check point to that shows my current progress. The next v3.0

will be feature things like a tutorial, RPG battles, Space Shooter mode etc.

Dazz Health Icon.png


Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26

Genre: 2D RPG Platformer

Style: Pixel Art

Target Audience: Competitive

Status: In development

Creation Date: February 2021

Release Date: June 2023 



A productivity software that will be designed to help with note taking, analyzing data and revising information. It will function as somewhat of a "multi-tool" application.

Survey Assistant P.E.T

P.E.T Beta v1.1 Screenshot.png

P.E.T. v1.1

The first update v1.1 will be released soon and available for download. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

HSR Logo.png


IDE: Visual Studio 2019

Type: Productivity

Target Audience: Student, Researcher

Status: In development

Creation Date: December 2020

Release Date: November 2023 

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